Youthwatch is your chance to make a difference to health and care for other young people in Manchester.

Things we achieved in 2019 include:
• Accessible Information Standard compliance visits to Manchester’s Pharmacists
• Collaborated with local partners in the Be Bothered campaign to create the Young Carers Know Your Rights booklet. 
• Began work on our Student Mental Health resources project.

We can use our influence through Healthwatch Manchester to make sure our voices are heard and acted upon by the planners and decision-makers in this city. You can join the group at any time.

Youthwatch Manchester can offer you:

  • Training in a range of skills
  • Work experience and a working reference
  • Valuable experience to help with your personal statement for uni
  • A chance to build your network of contacts across the city

But most of all Youthwatch will give you the satisfaction of knowing that what you did today will make a positive difference to health and care tomorrow.

For more information contact or fill out this form to let us know that you’re interested.

What is Youthwatch Manchester working on?

We have spent a little time recently discussing the topics we think need some attention. Priorities of work for 2020 will be approached as webpages, information sheets, or videos, and might involve surveys or interviews.

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Looking after your wellbeing as a young person in Manchester

What is wellbeing?

Many people have different views on the exact meaning of wellbeing because it is a personal experience. The Oxford dictionary defines wellbeing as ‘the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy’. Some people use wellbeing as a measure of how well they can cope with their day to day life.

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