Chief Executive - Neil Walbran 

Neil has served as the Chief Officer of Healthwatch Manchester since its creation in 2013. He is a graduate of Lancaster University and holds a Professional Certificate in Management from the Open University and a Diploma in Volunteers Management from Dundee University.

Neil has worked in health and social care for over twenty years leading work in project management and infrastructure development. His interests include weight training and MMA, the outdoors as well as film and theatre.

07561 312236

Our staff

Information & Communication Officer - Morgan Tarr 

Morgan has worked for Healthwatch Manchester since May 2020. He graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2016 with a Masters degree in Contemporary History & Politics and he previously worked for a Member of Parliament. Morgan’s outside interests are centred mainly around sports, as he is a keen runner with a love of football, cricket and American sports.

07763 088 137

Information Support Officer - Emma Jones 

Emma has worked for Healthwatch Manchester since May 2020. Before this she worked in the NHS for both a commissioner and provider, and for a local authority in Australia. Outside of work her interests include travel, live music, textile and jewellery making.

0161 228 1344

Administration Support Officer - Rachel Wyness 

0161 228 1344

Our volunteers

The following volunteers are trained and authorised to act as Enter & View representatives

Dr Minaxi Desai

Rachel Ricketts

As are the following Healthwatch Manchester officers

Emma Jones

Morgan Tarr

Neil Walbran

You can read our Enter and View Protocol document here.