COVID-19 Three Communities - What's changed?

This report presents the findings from our new survey of three Manchester communities for whom English is a second language: the Chinese, Deaf and South Asian communities, and their experiences of accessing safety information about COVID-19


  1.  An open and ongoing dialogue needs to be created and maintained between statutory providers and the local community and cultural independent sector around COVID-19 safety information. The aim of the dialogue should be to improve the capacity for the local community and cultural independent sector to manage this information successfully. There are resourcing implications associated with such capacity building but these should not preclude a constructive dialogue such as this.
  2. There needs to be a greater focus on the accessibility of information to ensure that it reaches all of our communities. A review of how information is rapidly made accessible by our local statutory partners needs to take place.
  3. The role of pharmacy in ensuring a rapid and accessible avenue for safety information needs to be explored further. Healthwatch Manchester, with its track record of collaborative partnership with local pharmacies, is in an ideal position to take this work forward


Healthwatch Manchester Three Communities - What's changed?

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