Transition out of CAMHS - moving into adult services

The transition from Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) into Adult Mental Health Services (AMHS) can be a challenging process for many young people - read our latest report to find out more

We're delighted to be able to publish our latest report looking into the transition process from CAMHS to AMHS.

This is a very difficult time for young people who are requiring further support but have reached the age boundary for access to CAMHS, and need to be transitioned through to the adult services.

We've undertaken desk-based research to provide you with further information about the process and what the challenges can be for those young people who are experiencing the transition process.

We are also very keen to hear about any experience that you may have had with CAMHS and the transition process, so please do use the link below to share your story with us.


Transition out of CAMHS - HWM report

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