Working in Isolation? - a new report into integrated care

Our report highlights the experiences of two Manchester communities in accessing healthcare services.
Healthwatch Manchester

Our new report released today highlights the experiences facing two of Manchester’s communities when accessing integrated health care services.

Earlier this year we conducted interviews with people from two Manchester communities and asked how well integrated care was working for them. We spoke with people from the South Asian community who have diabetes, and then, working with our partners at the Caribbean African Health Network (CAHN), spoke with black men who have lumtiple health conditions, including recent experience of cancer services.

Whilst we found that overall people were happy with the health care which they have been receiving, there was a number of areas which our respondents identified as requiring further attention.

Firstly, respondents from both studies expressed concerns regarding the fragmented situation of health and care services, with particular emphasis on the information sharing between healthcare providers.

Secondly, integrated care was not met for either cohort with respect to ethno-cultural requirements or expectations.

Thirdly, the levels of referrals into and the quality of information regarding social prescribing services were reported as very low for both personas.

If we would like to see our full findings and recommendations, please download the report below.

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