Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust: Always Events

At Healthwatch Manchester, we are working in partnership with the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) to ensure that patient care is always the very best it can be and at the forefront of all practice.
What matters to you

But what is an Always Event?

Always Events are "those experiences of care that must always occur when patients and families work in partnership with Healthcare Professionals".

Always Events...

  • Provide a foundation for partnering with patients and their families
  • Ensures optimal patient experience and improved outcomes
  • Serves as a unifying force for all that demonstrates an ongoing commitment to person- and family-centered care.

Get Involved

Two of our local hospitals, Wythenshawe & Manchester Royal Infirmary, would love to hear your feedback on experiences across their specialised services.

Wythenshawe Hospital

The team on C2 Maternity ward would like to know about your experience following the birth of your child/children. Please complete their simple feedback question to share your views.

Manchester Royal Infirmary

Have you had Haematology Inpatient Treatment? If so, please answer one question and tell us what matters to you about your experience and what you always want to happen. 

Your views are crucial to understanding peoples experiences and creating a culture of partnership between hospitals and their users.

Read all about the benefits of implementing Always Event procedures in hospitals here

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